News is information about an event or a situation that has changed recently. It includes all sorts of events, from wars and government actions to the weather and crime. It is often presented in the form of a report or an article. It was once a very slow process to transport new information, but technological and social changes have increased the speed with which news can spread.

Many people use the news to help them make decisions about their daily lives and about the world in which they live. Some people follow a particular newspaper or radio station to get their news. Others subscribe to various sources on the internet that provide a variety of news from around the world. This news can range from hard-hitting investigative pieces to lighthearted or humorous commentary.

A key element of news is that it should be current. The news should be presented in a way that is easy to understand and quickly absorbed. In order to keep up with the ever-changing flow of new information, some people set aside time each day to read or listen to the news.

Most people agree that the main purpose of news is to inform and educate. It is also important for the news to entertain, but this is usually done through other means – music and drama on radio or TV; crosswords and cartoons in newspapers.

The news is most commonly about people. This is because most events that are worth reporting on are caused by or affect people in some way. However, news can be about non-human events as well. The cyclones, bush fires and volcanic eruptions that ravage the earth are not just fascinating, but they are also important to people.

It is the job of journalists to decide what is newsworthy. They often base this decision on market research, which helps them to identify what their audience wants to hear about. However, some critics argue that the definition of news is a subjective one. They claim that the media is often influenced by the ideological biases of journalists and the pressures of the political environment.

Choosing the right topic for a news article can be difficult, especially in this age of instant information and global communication. Whether the article is about an international political crisis or local sports results, it has to be of interest to a broad audience. A good way to test the appeal of a subject is to ask yourself if you would be interested in reading about it in your own newspaper.

The most successful new stories are those that capture the attention of readers and encourage them to keep reading. These are called ‘above the fold’ stories, a reference to newspaper layouts where the best stories are placed above the crease or ‘fold’. Writing for online news articles requires the same approach; place your most important information at the top of the page so that the reader is drawn in and encouraged to continue reading.