Law is a set of rules made by a society that people must follow, or face punishment. These rules are usually meant to keep the peace and order of a country, by keeping the same things equal for everyone and stopping any unfairness. There are a lot of different laws that govern many areas of life, including employment, property, and criminal actions. Laws can also be changed to make them more fair or to stop bad things from happening.

The most important part of any law is that it must be enforceable. This means that the law must be clear enough to understand and that the courts must make decisions about whether or not it is fair. It also must be publicized, and stable so that people can plan their activities with reasonable confidence in the legal consequences of their choices over time. Laws should also be applied evenly, so that everyone has the same chances of being punished for breaking them.

There are many different theories about what law is, and how it should be enforced. Some people believe that the law should be based on morals and fairness, while others think that it should be based only on power. People who believe that the law should be based on power believe that coercion is an important part of it, and that the only way to control behaviour is to use force.

Other people believe that the law should be based only on morals and fairness, and that no one should be forced to break the law. They believe that the only way to keep the peace is through the rule of law, and they do not want to use any kind of force. This view is sometimes called the natural school of thought.

A few people think that the law should be a system of rules that must be interpreted by judges. These judges will decide what is and is not a crime. They will then punish people who break the law. This is the judicial theory of the law.

The law covers a huge number of topics, including employment; property; family; criminal and civil rights; business; health and safety; international; biolaw; aviation; constitutional; and more. There are articles that look at all these different kinds of law, as well as articles that examine the relationship between the law and other subjects, like religion; politics; philosophy; and social issues. There are also articles about the legal profession; legal education; and law schools.