Entertaiment is a form of activity that is designed to entertain. It can be anything from a comedy act to a musical performance, and it should always have the right content and a flair that will keep an audience interested. It also should strike the right tone and convey the appropriate feeling to its viewers.

Amusement is a form of pleasure, often characterized by laughter and happiness. It can be caused by an event or action, but it can also be created by people. It can be a simple activity, like playing a game or watching a movie, or it can be an elaborate one, such as a concert or a religious ceremony.

Entertainment is a type of activity that is designed to divert attention from serious activities and focus on something pleasant. It can be a music or dancing performance, a theatrical play, or an animated film. It can also be a contest or competition, such as a football game.

Its name comes from the Old French word entretenir, which means to hold together. It is used to describe all types of entertainment, from a single musical performance to an elaborate cultural event that attracts thousands of spectators.