How to Write Newsworthy Articles

News is information about events that are current or have recently occurred. News is usually reported by journalists and published in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, the internet or other forms of electronic media. News articles may be based on fact or be an opinion piece. Historically, the origin of news was often a matter of oral tradition, but with advances in communication technology it is now possible for events to be transmitted instantly around the world and news stories can be printed or broadcast as they happen.

What makes an event newsworthy varies from society to society. In general, news that is new, unusual, interesting or significant is likely to be considered newsworthy. Whether an event is considered to be newsworthy will also depend on how important the issue is to people. For example, a bug eating a farmer’s crops is not newsworthy because it happens all the time; however, if the same bug is attacking crops in another country that is facing famine, then it is very much a news story.

The most important aspect of a news article is how the news is presented. This can include how the story begins, if there is a lead or nut graph and how it ends. The beginning of the story needs to capture the reader’s attention and be interesting enough to keep them reading. This can be done by using a dramatic anecdote, an unexpected fact or a breaking news update. The nut graph, or summary of the news, needs to explain what the story is about and why it matters. This can be one sentence or several paragraphs and should answer the questions who, what, when, where and why.

If the article is a straight news story, it should be written according to an inverted pyramid style and include most of the important details in the first few sentences. This helps readers to get the most important information quickly and avoid having to read more than they need. If the article is an opinion piece, then it should clearly express the writer’s opinions on the topic.

Once the facts of the story are established, writers can add more detail to the article. They should use quotes from the people who are involved to add a human element to the piece and make it more interesting for readers. They should also make sure that all quotations are attributed to the person who said them.

As news media organizations have become more commercial, they have shifted their focus from original reporting to the production of news. They now spend more time publishing other people’s work, such as press releases or telecasts from government sources. This can reduce their need for staff and resources dedicated to researching, writing and editing original news stories. However, some publications still believe that original journalism is necessary and are committed to the principle of truth in reporting. These publications seek to report on controversial topics and delve into the lives of famous individuals.